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PrepTest 78, Game 4, Question 23

The content provides an in-depth analysis of a rule substitution question, focusing on finding an answer that perfectly replaces a specific condition without altering the original constraints of the game.
  • The correct answer must be true under the original rules and force W to be placed before K and L.
  • Answer choice A is identified as the perfect substitute because it meets both criteria by ensuring Z is the only letter that can precede W, thereby maintaining the original game's constraints.
  • Other answer choices (B, C, D, and E) fail to meet the criteria as they either do not enforce W's placement before K and L or alter the game's original constraints.
  • The analysis emphasizes the importance of understanding the original rules and the implications of each potential substitute to find the correct answer.
  • This detailed examination aids in developing strategic approaches to similar rule substitution questions on the GRE.
Introduction to Rule Substitution
Criteria for the Correct Answer
Analysis of Answer Choices
Why Answer Choice A is Correct
Disqualification of Other Answers