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PrepTest 73, Game 1, Question 6


We're going to skip question five for the moment and go on to six, which is another local question, which means a new local sketch incorporating a new condition, which is that V is second on the CD. Of course, if V is second, it's going to put S in front of it according to rule one, and then we're going to be left with three pieces again. TRNW, because S is first, T will follow it which means that T has to follow R, according to rule two anyway.

So R is in front of T and the only one left now is W. W is not allowed to be in-between R and T which means that that R is in front of T is going to become R is immediately in front of T. And then the W can go in front or after. This is very similar to question two. So there's going to be two ways that this could work out.

It could be RTW or it could be WRT. So that'll be the sketch. This is another could be true question. So we're going to be looking for something that could be true, getting rid of anything that can't. Answer choice A says W is the first CD which we know can't be true because S is.

Answer choice B says that S is the third piece on the CD which can't be true because that has to be R or W with S up front. Answer choice C says that T is the third piece which can't be true because that's got to be W or R. T remember has to follow R. Answer choice D says that R is the fourth piece, which that could be true.

The RT block could go four or five with W in front of it. That is our answer. So why is E wrong? Well, it says that R is the last piece which we know can't be true. R has to have a T after it at least, it could have a W after it. But it can't be last.

So the answer is answer choice D.

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