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PrepTest 73, Game 1, Question 3


Question #3, is another local question which means a new sketch because we have to accommodate the new if which is that our is going to be first. If R first, it'll definitely be in front of T, which is gonna trigger the second rule. If R is in front of T, S has to be in front of T as well. Now remember, S has to be in front of V.

So we can add that to a little fork in our sketch. And now think about rule three which says that W has to have the same relation to T as it has to R. If R is first then W will be after it, so that means the W will be after T as well. So add that to the chain we've got going and notice that basically, that's everybody, and everybody has to be after S.

Which means that S will definitely go in the second slot, followed by T, W, and V, in some combination. And there ultimately three combinations they can go in. T has to be in front of W, V can take up any other space. So it could go T, W, V. Put V at the end.

It could go T, V, W. Put V in the middle of T and W, or it could go V, T, W with V up front. Again, you might not have to write all three underneath. You can read that off of the schedule in the right. But if you're having trouble, definitely write it down. But with that, we can go on to the answer choices.

Now this is could be true question. So all we're looking for is something that could be true for the answer choices will be things that are impossible and when we find something that's possible we'll be able to pick it. Answer choice A says that T is the second piece on the CD, which we can see can't happen because S is the second piece on the CD.

Answer choice B says that V is the third piece which we can see can happen. V could be third in front of T and W so B is our answer. On the day of the test, you should go ahead and pick it, trusting the work that you've done but here to see why the other answers are wrong, C says that W is the third piece which we know can't ever be true because W has to come after T. Answer choice D says that S is the fourth piece which can't be true because S is second, and E says that T is the last piece, but we know that it can't be last because it has to be in front of W.

So the answer is answer choice B.

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