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PrepTest 73, Game 1, Question 2

The content provides a detailed walkthrough of solving a local question on the GRE, focusing on a scenario where a new condition places 'S' in the fourth position and how to apply existing rules to find the correct answer.
  • A new condition specifies 'S' in the fourth position, necessitating a revised sketch.
  • 'V' must occupy the fifth position due to its placement rule relative to 'S'.
  • The arrangement of 'T', 'R', and 'W' is influenced by their respective rules, leading to two possible configurations: WTR or TRW.
  • Analysis of answer choices reveals that 'C' is correct because 'T' must precede 'R', a requirement derived from the rules applied.
  • Other answer choices are dismissed based on the impossibility or non-mandatory nature of their conditions.
Introduction to Local Questions
Determining the Correct Answer
Analysis of Answer Choices