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PrepTest 73, Game 1, Question 2


Question two. This is a local question because it gives us a new if condition. On these questions, we have to build a new sketch incorporating new condition. And this condition is that S is in the fourth position. So we build that sketch and then we follow the rules. According to the first rule, S has to be in front of V, which means that V will have to take up a position of fifth.

And at this point we have three things left, T, R and W. By the second rule, we know that T is gonna have to be in front of R, because if S is fourth and V is fifth, T will be in front of S. And if T is in front of S, it has to be in front of R. The third rule says that W has to be in front of R and T or after them. So in other words, the only thing left over the W can't be in between the T and the R, which means that T and R are gonna have to form a little block, with the W able to go to either side.

So the remaining three spaces could work out two different ways. We could put that W in front of the T and the R, or we could put the W after the T and the R. So WTR or TRW. You might not have to write that out into your notes. Some people are gonna get by with just the little block at the side, but if you need to see it, write it underneath.

Either way, we've got the sketch, so we go on to the answer choices. Answer choice A says R is in front of W, which is something that could be true, cuz it could go TRW, but it doesn't have to be true, because it could go W-T-R. Answer choice B says that S is in front of T, which actually can't be true ever. S is fourth. Answer choice C says that T is earlier than R, which has to be true.

T is definitely in front of R, because T is in front of S and whatever it does with S, it has to do with R. So answer choice C is our answer. Why are the other ones wrong? Well, answer choice D says that V is in front of W, which can't ever be true because V is fifth and answer choice E says the W is in front of T, which we know can be true but doesn't have to be true.

So the answer is answer choice C.

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