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PrepTest 73, Game 1, Setup

The content provides a comprehensive guide on tackling an ordering game, specifically focusing on sequencing five instrumental pieces for the GRE exam preparation.
  • Introduction to the concept of an ordering or sequencing game, requiring the arrangement of five items in a specific sequence.
  • Explanation of the initial setup, including the creation of a sketch with dashes or slots to represent the sequence and a list of items (R, S, T, V, and W) to be ordered.
  • Detailed analysis of the rules governing the sequence, including the positional relationships between S and V, T and R and S, and W, R, and T.
  • Strategy for approaching the questions, emphasizing the importance of tackling solution and local questions first, while saving global questions for later.
Understanding the Ordering Game
Setting Up the Game
Analyzing the Rules
Strategizing Question Approach