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PrepTest 73, Game 1, Question 1


Question one, this question is a solution question. We can recognize it because it asks us for a list of the pieces on the CD, and the order that they come in. With a solution, apply the rules one at a time to the answer choices, crossing out any that violate those rules. We have three rules, the first rule said that S had to be in front of V.

Which is going to eliminate answer choice D, because V is in front of S, and that's about it. The second rule was the one about T not being allowed to be in between R and S. So if we look down, that's going to eliminate answer choice A, because T is in between R and S. And it's gonna eliminate answer choice E for the same reason, T is between R and S.

That leaves one rule and one thing left to eliminate. The third rule is the one the one that says W can't be between R and T. Answer choice C violates that. So then that means that by default, answer choice B must be our answer. So we go to the next question.

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