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PrepTest 73, Game 1, Question 4


Question #4, another local question, which means a new sketch incorporating the new local condition, which is that the T is second. Now in order to proceed, we need to think about that first space in front of the T. We know that you could never put a V there because S has to be in front of V. We also know that you could never put an R or an S there because if you did That would violate rule 2.

T would be in between R and S. So there's only one thing that can be there, the W. And once we put W there we have three things left. We have S which has to be in front of V and R. And pretty much they can alternate in the pattern similar to how things went in question three.

We could put S and V in front of that R, we could put our in front of S and V or we could put R in between the S and the V. And just like question three this could be true question. Four answers will be things that are impossible the one that can work, the one that could be true is our answer. So let's look at answer choice A, which says that S is the first piece on the C, D.

As we just discussed, it can't be because it's gonna be W and answer choice B. Says that R is the first piece which can't be true because it's gonna be W, answer choice C says that V is the third piece. Now, V being the third piece can't happen because S has to be in front of V and we've taken up spots 1 and 2, so no V for third. Answer choice D says that W was fourth, which can't be true because W was first.

The options for fourth are V, S and R. Which means that by default the answer must be answer choice E, but let's see why. E says that R is the last piece on the C, D and we'd say yeah, sure. R could be the last piece after S and V. So, E is our answer and we go on to the next question.

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