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June 2007, Game 2, Question 10


Question 10 is yet another local question that provides us with a rule. It's a lot like question 9. It gives us some numbers that we have to put into play. This time, it's limelight that gets to go three times, so build a sketch. Remember as always that H is going last on Thursday. So if L is going on Thursday, he'll definitely be in front of H.

If he's going on Friday, he'll be the last one on Friday, and G will no longer be allowed to be on Friday. And then if he's on Saturday, he won't be the last one, he'll be in front of whoever's back there. Now, the rule also says that H has to be shown twice, and there's actually two ways we could do that.

We could make it the final film on Saturday, but we could also put it on Friday in front of L. And when you reach a point in your sketch where you just have an arbitrary choice to make and you don't know which way to do it, usually it's a good idea to just do it both ways. Especially for this game here.

So the next thing then would be just to make a new sketch. Copy what we already have, and then do it both ways. So one way we could do it is put H here on Saturday, the other way we could do it would be to put H on Friday. Now, handle the sketches one at a time, we still have to put a G somewhere. So in that top sketch, we actually could put our G a couple different places.

I didn't quite leave myself enough room so I needed to scoot those guys down. So now handle the sketches individually. In the top sketch we still have a G we need to put somewhere. Putting H onto Saturday blocks G from Saturday, because of the rule that says they can't both be on Saturday. Which means the only day left for G is Thursday, however, we don't know whether G is going in between H and L, or in front of L.

Now, in the next sketch, we do need to have somebody to go last on Saturday. So if it's not gonna be H it'll have to be G. So there's two different ways this one could work out. We needed to see both to be able to get the answer. So they want to know a complete list of things that could be the first film on Thursday, well, it's either G or L.

Harvest is always following somebody it can be L, but it doesn't have to be just L it could be G. G and H is no good because of the H thing we said a moment ago, our answer here is D. And then E wrong because of that harvest. So, if you're following the recommended question order, now you only have one question to double back and pick up question 7.

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