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June 2007, Game 2, Question 10

The content provides a strategic approach to tackling local questions on the GRE, specifically through the example of arranging films in a schedule based on given rules.
  • Local questions involve applying specific rules to arrange elements, in this case, films on a schedule.
  • A key strategy is to sketch out scenarios based on the rules, such as placing films on specific days and considering all possible arrangements.
  • When faced with multiple possibilities, it's beneficial to explore each scenario separately to ensure all options are considered.
  • The example demonstrates handling a rule that requires a film to be shown multiple times and the implications for the arrangement of other films.
  • Determining the first film on Thursday involves understanding the sequence and restrictions placed on each film, leading to the identification of possible films that could occupy that slot.
Understanding Local Questions
Sketching Scenarios
Exploring Multiple Possibilities
Finalizing the Arrangement