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June 2007, Game 2, Question 8

The content provides a strategic approach to tackling a specific GRE question type, focusing on maximizing the number of films shown under a given rule.
  • Introduction to a local question involving a rule about film showing sequences, emphasizing the need for sketching to visualize the problem.
  • Explanation of the rule that once G is shown, L cannot be shown again, leading to strategic placement of films.
  • Discussion of two strategies to maximize film showings: delaying G to use more L's or using G as much as possible before introducing L.
  • Illustration of sketching two scenarios to find the maximum number of films that can be shown, which concludes at six films in both cases.
  • Highlighting the importance of considering all possible scenarios and the mutual exclusivity of using G and L to reach the correct answer.
Understanding the Question
Strategizing Film Placement
Sketching Scenarios
Evaluating Outcomes