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June 2007, Game 2, Question 6


Question 6 is a global question that is looking for a list of movies that could be assigned on the days, it's our complete possible outcome question. These questions, we just want to pick a rule and look for violations. So our first rule was that rule that said on Thursday, H has to be last. Which is not true in answer choice D, because it has Limelight there. Rule two says that on Friday, the last film needs to be G or L, and you can't have both G and L.

So B has both G and L, it is out. And answer choice E is also gonna go away. Because if we look, H is the last film on Friday, so no good. Rule three says that on Saturday, you have to have either G or H, but not both. And looking at the last two answers left, that is the case, both of them meet that rule.

So when a question like this gets to the end of the rule list and you haven't eliminated everybody, that is you're not down to one answer. The solution is always going to be to look back at the original paragraph of rules. Now, this scenario or this setup said that you have to show each film at least once during the festival. So if we look at answer choice A, notice the complete lack of G.

It has LHLH, there's no G there, G isn't getting shown. So that means then that our answer must be C, the only one left.

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