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June 2007, Game 2, Setup

The content provides an in-depth analysis of a hybrid game in the GRE prep, focusing on a mix of ordering and floating grouping game strategies, specifically for arranging films over three days.
  • The game involves placing three films on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, with the possibility of showing more than one film per day but not exceeding three.
  • Rules primarily focus on the last film shown each day, necessitating a unique symbol to denote this in the game's strategy.
  • An important strategy is the introduction of a new symbol to indicate the last film of the day, adapting the traditional ordering sketch to accommodate up to three films per day.
  • Key rules include restrictions on the last film shown each day and prohibitions against showing both of two films on the same day, leading to specific placement strategies.
  • The approach to questions involves starting with global questions to establish a possible game outcome, then addressing local questions with specific rules, and using previous work to aid in solving subsequent questions.
Understanding the Hybrid Game
Adapting the Ordering Sketch
Implementing Rules and Symbols
Strategic Approach to Questions