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June 2007, Game 2, Question 9


Question nine is another local question that provides us with a rule, and it also wants to know what must be true. As with most local questions we're gonna start with a new sketch that incorporates the new rule. Here the rule is a bunch of numbers, you've gotta show the Greed three times, Harvest twice, and Limelight once.

Now if a film's gonna be shown three times, it's gonna have to be shown on all three days. So we start out with our h on Thursday. So if G's gonna be on every day, it'll be in front of H on Thursday. It'll be the last film on Friday and the last film on Saturday, because of rules two and three.

Harvest needs to be shown twice. It's already being shown on Thursday. It's not allowed to be shown on Saturday because of the rule that says you have to have one of the pair but not both G and H. So that means that H is going to have to go to the front on Friday. We get one L and L here actually has a little bit of options.

It can't go on Friday because of the rule that says you can't have both G and L on Friday. But it could go on Thursday, as long as it stays in front of H. So that'd be two places, it could go, In between G and H or it could go in front of G. And heck, it could still go on Saturday, it just has to be in front of G.

So that L can go all over. Now the question wants to know what must be true. So answer choice A doesn't have to be true, although it could be true. L could be on Thursday so all three films could be there, but we're looking for must. B says exactly two films are shown on Saturday and again that's a could be true.

It's possible that it's L and G but it doesn't have to be L and G. C says you put L and H on Thursday and I'd say, well, that is possible but you could also stick that L on Saturday, so not C. D, Greed is the only film on Saturday, also possible, but not definite. We can see from our sketch that H and G are both shown on Friday, that's immovable.

It must be true and thus it's our answer.

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