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June 2007, Game 2, Question 7

The content provides a strategic approach to tackling global questions in the GRE exam, specifically within a logic game section, emphasizing the importance of utilizing original rules and previous sketches to efficiently eliminate incorrect answers.
  • Global questions should be addressed towards the end, leveraging original rules and prior work to identify what cannot be true.
  • Answer choice A is identified as incorrect through the original master sketch, demonstrating the importance of referring back to initial analyses.
  • Quick sketches are recommended for verifying why other answer choices are incorrect, showcasing a method to efficiently rule out options.
  • The explanation includes strategies for dealing with common pitfalls, such as forgetting the possibility of having three films on a day or the importance of sequence in the film festival logic game.
  • The content concludes with the validation of the correct answer through process-of-elimination and logical deduction, underlining the effectiveness of the recommended approach.
Approaching Global Questions
Utilizing Original Sketches
Efficient Verification of Incorrect Answers
Strategic Sketching for Quick Verification
Concluding with the Correct Answer