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June 2007, Game 2, Question 7


Question seven is a global question. It doesn't contain an if it just wants to know about the game, only from the original rules. We recommend putting these guys off until we get to the end. Especially for a cannot be true question or a must be false question. Because anything you've seen to this point in the game is something that could be true.

So any of the sketches we've done so far would be available to eliminate answer choices. If you're plowing straight through this one coming straight from six, you might end up doing a little bit more work. So answer choice A says Harvest is the last film shown on each day of the festival.

Now as it turned out we don't need any more work ,there are original master sketch to show that this is our answer because if we look at our original sketch we see that h could be the last film on Thursday and it could also be the last film on Saturday but it cannot be the last film on Friday because the last film on Friday is either g or l. So h cannot be shown last on each of the days.

So it's our answer we're looking for what cannot happen. Now as to the other answer choices, if we want to know why they're wrong, so Limelight is shown on each day of the festival. That was actually an if in question 10. Limelight has been shown on each day of the festival. If you didn't have your work from 10 you'd have to figure that out right now.

And the way to figure it out would be with a quick sketch. So, if we make H the last film on Thursday, we could put L in front of it. L could be the last on Friday. And then L could be on Saturday in front of, we just make it g because we know we have to use g at some point. If you want you can put in the spaces in the names.We actually wouldn't recommend it if you're making quick sketches.

You wanna make them as quick as you can. But that would show us that answer choice B is not the answer. Preferably we would have some previous work. answer choice c. g is shown second on each day of the festival. I think this answer choice fools a lot of people because they keep forgetting that you can have three films on Thursday.

Now if we look at the sketches that we've done to this point, we don't actually have a sketch where g is the second film on each of the days. If you look at question 8, you could imagine actually that it would be possible to put an L there in front of that G and so now G would be second on each of the days. If you didn't think to do that, then you would just do another quick sketch.

So to make G second we'd have to put l in front of it. Then we need to put h in front of it on Friday. And then we would have to put l in front of it on Saturday. But as you can see, G is second on each of the days. answer choice D is another interesting one. A different film is shown first on each day of the festival.

You can see that in question nine, l could be first on thursday, h could be first on Friday and then If G is the only film on Saturday, it is the first film on Saturday. And that's not even the only way you could do that. Again, if you don't have your previous work, then you would do a test here. We'd say H is the hardest one to get first on a day.

So we'll put him first on Friday. With g after m, we'll put l in front of H on Thursday and then we'll just make g the only one on Saturday. So there's a different film first on each of the days, l h, g, and then he a different film is shown last on each day of the festival with previous work we've already seen that as possible.

In question eight we have H than L than G, three different films on the last slot on each day. If we don't have that we're just gonna have to sketch so we know H is always last on Thursday so he won't be allowed to be last on the other days. We know L can't be last on Saturday, so put him on Friday And then put g onto Saturday.And that is a different film last on each of the days.

That's three films three days and you can put other films in front of them if you want to but you don't have to You can see last film is different each of the days. So that can happen. So it's not our answer choice. The answer that can't happen is answer choice A. And if you're doing questions in the recommended order, that would be the end of the game.

Although if you're going question by question, you still got a lot of ifs in front of you.

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