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June 2007, Game 3, Setup

The GRE prep content focuses on a complex sequencing game involving scheduling destinations over seven weeks with specific rules and limitations.
  • The game involves scheduling one of four destinations (G, J, M, and T) for each of seven weeks, with repetitions required due to the limited number of destinations.
  • A master diagram is essential for visualizing the game's structure, including a roster of destinations, seven numbered spaces, and the application of specific rules to this framework.
  • Key rules include restrictions on when certain destinations can be scheduled, such as not visiting Jamaica in week four and must visit Trinidad in week seven, among others.
  • The game's complexity is heightened by rules that dictate the sequencing of destinations, including the requirement to visit Guadalupe before Jamaica and prohibiting consecutive visits to the same destination.
  • Strategies for approaching the game include understanding and applying the rules to the master diagram and using 'if' questions to navigate through the game's challenges.
Understanding the Game's Complexity
Creating the Master Diagram
Applying the Rules
Strategizing the Game Approach