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June 2007, Game 3, Question 16

The segment focuses on strategies for tackling local and partial solution questions on the GRE, specifically those asking for a list of spaces in a given timeframe.
  • Local questions are identified by their initiation with 'if', and partial solution questions focus on a subset of the total timeframe.
  • A practical approach for partial solution questions involves rewriting answer choices on scratch paper to visually manage the information.
  • Applying established rules directly to the rewritten choices helps eliminate incorrect answers efficiently.
  • Specific rules mentioned include prohibitions against consecutive identical elements, the requirement for a G between two Ms, and the placement of a J only after a G.
  • The correct answer for the example provided is deduced through the application of these rules, demonstrating the effectiveness of the strategy.
Understanding Local and Partial Solution Questions
Strategies for Answering Partial Solution Questions
Applying Rules to Eliminate Answers
Finalizing the Answer