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June 2007, Game 3, Question 17


Now 17 our last question, even if we're not skipping around, it is the last question in the game. It's a global question, which we put off until after the ifs so that we would have some experience with how the game could play out. It's also a must be true question. So we're looking for something that has to be true in all scenarios.

So notice that the answer choices here break down into two groups. We have the first two answers which are about where Freedom has to go in a couple different weeks. Then the last three answers are all about where Freedom can go more than twice two. So Freedom makes at most two voyages to Guadalupe, Freedom makes at most to Jamaica, Freedom makes at most two voyages to Trinidad.

In all the sketches we've done so far, we've never set Freedom to anywhere three times. So we don't have any information about those three. Now the first two answers, it goes to Guadeloupe in one or two. Now so far that's always been true, so I don't know if it's my answer. So I'll just leave a question mark by it and go to the next answer.

And answer choice B, Freedom goes to Martinique and either two or three. Well, question 13 shows that that doesn't have to be true because we went to G and J there, not M. So we're left with the ones they're asking us about where Freedom can't go three times two it has to go at most to two of them. It's about G, J and T the guys who all the guys were up in the air because M is only going to two exactly.

So the trick to this question is to think about the rule that says if you have a J, you have to have a G in front of it. So if you want to use a second J, you'll need a second G to go with it. And if you remember, we only have two wildcard spots. So a second Jay would take a second G, filling up all our wildcards leaving no room for a third J.

So in other words, answer choice D gonna have to be our answer. We just don't have enough weeks to send Freedom to Jamaica more than twice and that's the game.

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