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June 2007, Game 3, Question 17

The summary of the content focuses on strategies for tackling a specific type of GRE question, emphasizing logical deduction and the application of given rules to eliminate incorrect answers and identify the correct one.
  • The question discussed is a global, must-be-true question, requiring identification of a fact that holds across all scenarios.
  • Answer choices are categorized into two groups: specific voyages of the Freedom ship to certain locations, and limitations on the number of voyages to specific destinations.
  • Through process of elimination and applying the rule that a voyage to Jamaica requires a preceding voyage to Guadeloupe, it's deduced that Freedom cannot go to Jamaica more than twice.
  • The correct answer is identified by understanding the constraints on the number of voyages and applying the rules to the scenario, showcasing the importance of logical reasoning in answering GRE questions.
Understanding the Question
Analyzing Answer Choices
Applying Rules to Eliminate Incorrect Answers
Deducing the Correct Answer