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June 2007, Game 3, Question 14


Question 14 is another local question. We see an F at the beginning. And they are asking about what must be true. So we're gonna put the F condition into a sketch and then answer the question based on the information it provides to us. So we'll start with our spaces and we apply the F.

So in this F we're going to G in week 1 and Jamaica in week 5. Now remember we are going to T in week 7. That was a rule in the very beginning and also there is a rule that says if you go to J you have to G the week before. So we can go ahead and put in our G for that ever present GJ block. So now we take a look at the rules that we haven't used yet.

Big left over here is the MGM chain. So we look at the MGM chain. At the space that we have available, we have to put two M's. So I have to put one of them up front here. You can never have MM. So we'll have to put the other M in the back over here.

Now, the two spaces up-front, we know that one of them will be an M. It'll either be going down there to space 2, or down there to space 3. And we also know that those two spaces can't be Gs. Cuz with a G sitting right here and right there, you're not allowed to have consecutive items. So 2 would be consecutive to 1, and 3 would be consecutive to 4, right?

So those two middle spaces no, they cant be Gs. And we know one of thems in him. The other ones kind of up in the air, it could be a J, if you place it in space 2. You cant put it in space three. But for all we know, you could grab an extra T and put it upfront. So Ill just write notes under each of those spaces and no J under space 3, and then well see what they ask us about.

Take the sketch as far as you can take it and then go check the answers. Answer choice A, Jamaica in week 2. We've said that could be true, but we're looking for what must be true. And M could also be in week 2 and so our answer is not A. Answer is B. Trinidad in week 2, there actually doesn't seem to be any problem with Trinidad in week 2.

That's something that could happen there. But we're not looking for what could happen, we are looking for what must happen, and as we can see M could be in week 2 and so could J. So it's not in choice B, answer choice C freedom goes to Martinique in week three. He could go to Martinique in week three but he doesn't have to because it could also go to Martinique in week two.

Answer choice D, Freedom goes to Guadalupe in week six. And that's something that just flat out can't happen because we know that M has to be in 6. So that means the answer choice E is our answer by default. We can see why it's the answer. Freedom goes to Martinique and week six.

Well, as we just said our answer is D, we know that Martinique is Week 6, hence choice E is our answer.

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