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June 2007, Game 3, Question 11


Question 11 is a solution question so we don't actually need a sketch for it. We just need to apply the rules one at a time to the answer choices, eliminating any rules that violate them. So the first rule was that Jamaica won't be the destination in week four, not fine in D, D goes away. The next rule says Trinidad will be its destination in week seven, not fine in E.

The next rule says that Freedom has to go to Martinique exactly twice and there has to be a voyage to Guadalupe in between. Answer choice A is okay with that, answer choice B is not fine with that. You got your M, you got your other M, but right there in the middle where there should be a G, there's a T. So B is not our answer.

And the next rule says that G has to be the destination in the week preceding any voyage it makes to Jamaica. In A, there's Jamaica, there's Guadalupe right in front of it, its fine. In C we have Jamaica first, which can never happen because there's no way to go to Guadalupe first. So answer choice C is not our answer, that only leaves answer choice A.

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