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June 2007, Game 3, Question 15


Question 15 is another local question, starts out with an if. And it's asking about what must be true, just like 14. And just like 14, it gives us two things to slot into place. So if freedom goes to Guatalupe in week one and Trinidad in week two, So throw down your spaces and number them. Fill in what they tell you to fill in so G in week one, T in week two.

Don't forget about the T that's already in week seven. Now check your inventory of what you have left to use. We still haven't seen MGM somewhere. There's four spaces left for M-G-M. They'll take up three of them. But also remember we haven't used J yet.

And J has to follow a G. It can't follow the G that's in week one, because T is in the way. So that means it'll have to be the G that's in between the two Ms. so now MGJM, that is four things in a row, we only have four spaces, so they're gonna drop down into those four spaces. And that sketch is what we call completely determined.

Everyone is in a space, no changes allowed. So we're just gonna go through the answer choices process of elimination style. Answer choice A freedom goes to Martinique in week 3. Well, yeah, that must be true. It's nice when it's the first answer. We don't have to check any more of them.

Although for educational purposes, we can take a look at the others. On the day that says you probably filling the answer is A, and move to the next question. But for educational purposes answer choice B says that freedom goes to Monique in week four, now it's going to G in week four. C says it's M in week five, and we say, no, it's J in week five, D, G in week three, no, it's M in week three.

Answer choice E, G in week five, no it's J in week five. Answer choice A is our answer

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