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PrepTest 73, Game 3, Question 18

The content provides a detailed strategy for solving a specific type of GRE question, focusing on a scenario where trends could own only one building, emphasizing the importance of exhaustive list analysis and strategic elimination of answer choices.
  • Identify the question as a local and complete and accurate list question, requiring an analysis of all possible items the trends could own under a specific condition.
  • Utilize previous sketches and information from earlier questions to eliminate certain answer choices before creating a new sketch.
  • Determine that any valid list must include the stables, as evidenced by previous questions, leading to the elimination of several answer choices.
  • Further narrow down the options by testing the feasibility of the trends owning additional items, such as the forge, based on given rules and conditions.
  • Conclude that the correct answer includes the forge as a possible sole item owned by the trends, after verifying against all rules.
Understanding the Question Type
Strategic Elimination of Answer Choices
Determining the Correct Answer