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PrepTest 73, Game 3, Question 18


Question 18, this is another local question since it has a new condition, but unlike the last couple of local questions it's also a complete and accurate list question. If you look at the answer choices, you can see that each of them is a list of items. And we're looking for a list that includes everything that trends could own, in a scenario where they only own one building, but also the list has to have, only those buildings that they could own in that circumstance.

So all of them, and only the ones. Now normally with an if question we would start with a new sketch, but here we can actually do a little bit of work, and eliminate some answer choices from previous sketches before sketching. Because this question is asking us to exhaust all possibilities for what the trends could do.

And we've seen them do some stuff before. If we look back at question 17 you can see that it is possible for the trends to have just one item there. The M or F that is floating around could be with the Williams'. So, that means that any list of things that could be the only thing owned by the trends must include the stables.

We've seen the trends own just the stables, so that means that we can go ahead and eliminate some answer choices right off the bat. The correct answer has to have S which means that it can't be A, B or D. It can only be those answer choices that have the stable which is C and E. And that means in order to tell the difference between answer choices C and E in order to figure out which one's right, we only need to figure out one more thing about the trend.

Both answers have the stable but then C has the N and E has the forge in the middle. So if we can find out if any one of those three things could be owned by the trends as the only item they own, that will determine which answer we're looking at. It doesn't really matter which one you test, just pick one at random to test. I'm gonna pick the forge as the one to test here because the forge is the guy that's the hardest to accommodate.

The forge has to stay away from both M and I. So putting them up with the trend will make it easier to accomplish that. So, put down some spaces and put the F into the trends as their only item. And since it's supposed to be the only item that does mean that the Williams's will have to have the third item and since the trends have F that means the end L's have to have I because of rule three, and then everyone else is going to have to go to the Williams' which would be S, M and G.

And if we check the other rules, there's no problem with that. Williams's can have all three things, but looks like the forge is acceptable. It's something that could be on the list of things that are the only thing owned by the trends. That means it is our answer and we can move on.

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