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PrepTest 73, Game 3, Question 17

The content provides a detailed walkthrough of solving a local question on the GRE, focusing on a scenario where families own different buildings with specific rules governing their ownership.
  • The question involves determining the possible ownership of buildings G and I by one of the families, considering the constraints provided.
  • The Yandels can only own one building, which immediately excludes them from owning G and I, leading to the deduction that the Trents must own the stables.
  • Given the constraints, G and I are assigned to the Williams's, leaving buildings F and M to be distributed among the remaining families with certain restrictions.
  • The solution process involves eliminating impossible scenarios based on the rules, leading to the conclusion that the Trents owning M is a possibility that could be true.
  • The explanation methodically examines each answer choice, providing clear reasoning for why only one option is viable based on the given rules.
Introduction to the Local Question
Analyzing Family Ownership Constraints
Determining the Possible Ownerships
Solution and Answer Choice Evaluation