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PrepTest 73, Game 3, Question 17


Question 17, another local question asking what could be true? This time it adds the stipulation that one of the families owns both G and I. So we start with our sketch, putting down the spaces and then we want to consider if G and I are together, where could they go? Obviously they can't go to the Yandels because the Yandels only ever get one building.

And that's immediately going to trigger a rule because if the Yandals don't get the end, the Trent's have to get the stables. Which now means that the Trent's can't get GNI either because that would take three spaces, and they only ever have a maximum of two spaces. So, that means that GNI are going to the Williams's. There are two buildings left, F and M.

One of them will have to go to the Yandels and then the other, it's kind of free to go all over the place. We don't know if it's an M or an F and obviously if it's an F it won't be able to go with the William's because I and F can never be together. But if it's an M it could go with the William's. And either M or F could go with the Trent's.

So we're just going to put them to the side with a question mark to say we don't know where that one is. And then we're going to go looking at the answer choices to see which one could be true. As choice A says that the Trents have G which can't be true because it's with the Williams's.

Answer choice B says that the Trents own the M, which could be true. We've got room to put that M with the Trents so that is our answer. On the day of the test we're gonna pick that and move on, but you're probably curious to see why C, D and E aren't the answer. Answer choice C, that says the Williams's own the Forge, which can't be true because they have I and you can't have both I and F.

Answer choice D says that the Williams have S but we know that can't be true because the Trents have it. And answer choice E says that the Yandels have I but we know that the Willams's have it. So as we learned earlier, answer choice B is the answer.

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