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PrepTest 73, Game 3, Question 16


Skipping question 15 for the moment, we go to question 16, which is a local question, it gives us the new condition, that the end Ls have the mill. So throw down your spaces, and then put the M in place this is going to immediately trigger rule three, the end Ls are full, which means that the trends need to get the stables. Now if we look at rule two, remember, we have to keep M and F and I and F apart, if M is with the end it will be apart from F, but I needs to be apart from F and there are only two groups left.

Since the end Ls are full, either the twins of the Williams will have to have I, and then the other one will have to have F. Which means that we're gonna fill in some spaces here, and that means the trends need to have two spaces, in order for them to hold one of the two, I and F. Which means that the only thing left the G, is going to go to the Williams's with our sketch and order, we're gonna go to the answer choices looking for something that must be true.

And when we find what must be true, we're going to pick it and move on as choice A says that the trans own F which could be true, but doesn't have to be. Answer choice B says the trends own I which in the same way could be true but doesn't have to be true, answer choice C says that the Williams' have F, which could be true, but doesn't have to be true. All three answer choices so far, have been about I and F, which we know are not pinned down.

Of the two that are left, only one of them is not about I and that is answer choice D which says the Williams is on the granary, that's something we wrote definitely into our sketch and E, well that's about the Williams having the N which doesn't have to be true. So our answer is answer, choice D.

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