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PrepTest 73, Game 3, Setup

The content provides a comprehensive guide on how to approach a standard floating grouping game, focusing on the distribution of five buildings among three families: the Tents, the Williamses, and the Yandells.
  • Introduction to the game scenario, establishing three families and five buildings to be distributed.
  • Initial setup includes creating categories for each family and listing the buildings, with a rule that each family must own at least one building.
  • First rule dictates the Williamses must own more buildings than the Yandells, influencing the distribution of buildings.
  • Second rule introduces exclusions for building groupings, specifically between the inn, mill, and forge.
  • Third rule presents options for the Trents and the Yandells to own specific buildings, with flexibility in the interpretation of 'or'.
  • Explanation of how the rules interact and the strategy for approaching the questions, emphasizing the order to tackle them.
Game Scenario and Initial Setup
Understanding the Rules
Strategizing Question Approach