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PrepTest 73, Game 3, Question 14

The process of solving a solution question on the GRE involves applying given rules systematically to eliminate incorrect answer choices until only the correct answer remains.
  • Identify solution questions by the format of the answer choices, which list all options in place.
  • Apply the first rule to eliminate choices where the Williams's do not have more buildings than the Yandells, removing choices E and D.
  • Use the rule against M being with F and I being with F to eliminate choice C.
  • Apply the rule requiring the Trents to need S or the Yandells to need I, which leads to the elimination of choice B.
  • The correct answer is identified as choice A after all other options are systematically ruled out.
Identifying Solution Questions
Applying the First Rule
Eliminating Based on Compatibility Rules
Finalizing the Correct Answer