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PrepTest 73, Game 3, Question 14


Question 14. This is a solution question, which means we're going to apply the rules one at a time to the answer choices, eliminating answers that violate rules until we're down to one answer. We can recognize these because of course the answer choices all take the form of lists of everyone in place.

Rule one said the Williams's have to have more buildings than the Yandells. And that's going to eliminate answer choice E. Because they are they have the same number, and it's going to eliminate answer choice D, because they're the Yandells have more. The next rule was the rule that said M can't be with F, and I can't be with F. Which is going to eliminate answer choice C, because F and M are together.

And the final rule said that the Trents needed S or the Yandells needed I. Which is going to get rid of B because in that answer choice the Williamses have I and S, leaving nothing for the Trents and Yandells, which means that our answer is answer choice A.

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