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PrepTest 73, Game 3, Question 15

The content provides a strategic approach to tackling partial solution exception questions on the GRE, focusing on a method to identify the correct answer by eliminating possibilities based on given rules and previous sketches.
  • Partial solution exception questions ask for a list of items, with the correct answer being the one that violates a given rule.
  • Previous sketches and understanding of the rules are crucial for quickly eliminating incorrect answer choices.
  • Rule three is identified as the most challenging to satisfy, guiding the focus towards potential violations.
  • An alternate solution path involves testing the remaining answer choices to see which one does not violate any rules, thereby identifying the correct answer.
  • The example provided illustrates the process of elimination and logical deduction to arrive at the correct answer, emphasizing the importance of a strategic approach.
Understanding Partial Solution Exception Questions
Utilizing Previous Sketches for Elimination
Focusing on Rule Three for Potential Violations
Alternate Path to Identifying the Correct Answer