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June 2007, Passage 3, Question 21

The discussion of telephone answering machine messages in the GRE passage serves as an analogy to argue that placing links on the web does not constitute copyright infringement, thus opposing the creation of stricter laws.
  • The analogy of answering machine messages is used to clarify why web linking is not a form of distribution.
  • The primary purpose of the analogy is to support the argument that web users are not violating copyright laws by merely placing links.
  • Answer choice analysis reveals that the correct answer must align with the passage's argument that linking is not distribution and therefore not copyright infringement.
  • The incorrect answer choices either misinterpret the analogy's purpose or incorrectly compare it to unrelated legal issues.
  • The correct answer choice illustrates the principle that control over distribution determines copyright infringement, siding with web users.
Understanding GRE Question Types
Analyzing the Purpose of Analogies
Deciphering Correct Answer Choices
Identifying the Correct Interpretation