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June 2007, Passage 3, Question 18

The essence of tackling analogy questions on the GRE involves understanding the abstract relationship between two elements in the passage and applying this understanding to find a pair with a similar relationship among the answer choices.
  • Analogy questions are a subtype of inference questions that require abstract thinking about the characteristics of elements in the passage.
  • The specific analogy question discussed involves comparing the relationship between strengthening copyright laws and relying on passwords to other pairs of concepts.
  • The correct answer choice will mirror the abstract relationship identified in the passage: the first element being a new, harsher restriction and the second an existing, more reasonable measure.
  • Incorrect answer choices often present relationships that are either reversed, equally restrictive, or not aligned with the new versus existing measures concept.
  • The process of elimination based on understanding the abstract relationship is crucial in selecting the correct answer.
Understanding Analogy Questions
Identifying the Abstract Relationship
Applying the Relationship to Answer Choices
Elimination of Incorrect Answers
Selecting the Correct Answer