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June 2007, Passage 3, Question 15

The essence of tackling main point questions on the GRE involves understanding the overarching argument of a passage, rather than focusing on its individual components.
  • Main point questions require identifying an answer that encapsulates the entire argument of the passage.
  • The correct answer must be broad enough to cover all concepts introduced in the passage, without necessarily naming each one.
  • A successful strategy includes having a prephrase of the main point in mind before approaching the questions.
  • The example provided illustrates that the main point revolves around the argument that putting things on the web isn't a copyright violation, with other methods available for copyright control.
  • Analyzing wrong answer choices is crucial for understanding why they do not capture the passage's main point adequately.
Understanding Main Point Questions
Strategies for Identifying the Main Point
Analyzing Answer Choices
Distinguishing Correct from Incorrect Answers