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June 2007, Passage 3, Question 17

The essence of tackling inference questions on the GRE involves discerning the author's implicit agreement with statements based on the passage, without direct textual evidence but through logical deduction from the provided information.
  • Inference questions require identifying information in the passage that supports one of the answer choices as true, despite not being explicitly stated.
  • The correct answer often feels like a slight departure from the passage's content, necessitating careful consideration and avoidance of seemingly reasonable but unsupported choices.
  • Specifically, for questions about what the author would agree with concerning documents on web pages, it's crucial to revisit the passage sections mentioning documents and critically evaluate each answer choice against the author's explicitly stated opinions.
  • The process involves eliminating answer choices that contradict the author's views or cannot be directly tied back to the passage, leading to the identification of the correct answer through elimination and logical inference.
Understanding Inference Questions
Navigating Answer Choices
Evaluating Specifics on Web Documents
Determining the Correct Answer