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June 2007, Passage 3, Setup

The passage provides an in-depth analysis of the conflict between copyright law and the freedom of the Web, presenting arguments from both sides before the author ultimately takes a stance.
  • The passage begins by outlining the conflict between intellectual property owners and Web users over copyright law.
  • The author remains neutral initially, offering background on the origins of the conflict and presenting both sides without bias.
  • Through analogies and detailed examination, the author explores the implications of current copyright laws on the Web's openness.
  • The author eventually argues that existing tools for intellectual property protection are sufficient and that stricter laws would hinder the Web's development as a public forum.
  • The passage concludes with the author taking a clear stance against the strengthening of copyright laws, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the Web's openness.
Introduction to the Conflict
Exploring the Origins
The Author's Stance and Conclusion