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PrepTest 79, Game 3, Question 17


If no other assistant is assigned to the same course as R, which one of the following must be true? So if R is rolling solo, what must be true? So we're gonna have R, then we need to consider S and T need to go together. And then V, Y, and Z, but remember that V and Y can't go together. So we need to just sort of think about these various variable restrictions.

So if we're gonna have R by himself, R cannot go in Markets. Because Markets must always have two spaces that are filled, so two assistants assigned to it. So R is either going to be able to go into L or P. So let's just try to put it in P, since we're thinking about the implications of Y and Z.

So let's see what happens when we do that. So here's an example of what we get when we put R in P. So we have to now considered where S and T can go, and where V, Y, and Z can go. Now if we put S and T in Markets, then we're gonna run into a problem with our unfriendly variables here, between V and Y. So we're gonna need to separate those two.

So we'll need to put S and T in L, for sure. So if we put Z in L, then that's still gonna force V and Y together. So we can put Y in L, and V in M. We can also interchange these, but this is a viable arrangement when we have R in P. Now let's try to put R in one, the other place that it can go. So when we put R in one, we have the same considerations.

So we need S and T to go together. And then we need V, Y, and Z to be placed, but we need to be cognizant of our VY problem, and our Z or Y and pricing issue. So with R in Labor, we need to think about ST. Let's think about ST first. If we put it in Markets, we're gonna run into the same problem that we run into when we put R in P.

We're gonna end up with Y, V and Z, and that's not okay. So we're gonna need to put S and T down here in Pricing. So same problem as the last diagram that we looked at, we still need to separate V and Y. And we need to make sure that Y or Z isn't going in Pricing, which is gonna force the other one there.

So Y most definitely goes in Marketing, and guess what? Z has to go there too. Because neither one of them can go in Pricing without dragging the other one along, and we simply don't have space. So we're ether gonna violate our ST block, or we are going to have Y and V together, and that's not going to work.

So this is the arrangement when we have R in Labor. See any similarities? So this is R in Labor, and this is what happens when we put R in Pricing, the thing that remains the same. So what must be true is that Z is in Markets. So that's our correct answer, Z is assigned to Markets.

This represents what we just sort of outlined. Regardless of whether we put R in one, or R in L, or R in Pricing, we're gonna get the same thing. Z is gonna have to be assigned to Markets.

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