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PrepTest 79, Game 3, Question 17

The analysis focuses on determining the necessary conditions for assigning teaching assistants to courses under specific constraints, particularly when R is assigned to a course without any other assistant.
  • R cannot be assigned to Markets due to the requirement of having two assistants, leading to R being placed in either Labor (L) or Pricing (P).
  • S and T must be assigned together, and due to the restrictions involving V and Y not being able to be together, careful consideration of their placement is required.
  • Placing R in either L or P necessitates strategic placement of S, T, V, Y, and Z to avoid conflicts, particularly with V and Y's restrictions.
  • Regardless of R's placement in L or P, Z must be assigned to Markets to comply with the given constraints and avoid violating any restrictions.
  • The analysis concludes that Z's assignment to Markets is a constant outcome, demonstrating the importance of understanding variable restrictions in assignment scenarios.
Introduction to Assignment Constraints
Analyzing R's Placement Options
Determining the Placement of S, T, V, Y, and Z
Concluding the Optimal Assignment