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PrepTest 79, Game 3, Setup

The content provides a comprehensive guide on how to approach a grouping game involving the assignment of six teaching assistants to three courses, with specific rules governing their assignment.
  • Six teaching assistants (R, S, T, V, Y, Z) are to be assigned to three courses (L, M, P), with each assistant assigned to exactly one course and each course having at least one assistant.
  • Key rules include: M must have exactly two assistants; S and T must be assigned together; V and Y cannot be in the same course; Y and Z must both be assigned to P if either is assigned to P.
  • The strategy involves creating a diagram to visualize the assignments, taking into account the rules to determine the possible arrangements of teaching assistants to courses.
  • Understanding the rules and how they interact is crucial for setting up the diagram correctly and efficiently solving the problem.
  • The content concludes with a master diagram that incorporates all rules and restrictions, serving as a foundation for answering related questions.
Introduction to the Grouping Game
Understanding the Rules
Diagramming the Assignment
Analyzing and Applying the Rules
Master Diagram and Strategy