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PrepTest 79, Game 3, Question 14

The analysis focuses on solving a logic puzzle related to the assignment of assistants to different courses, highlighting the impossibility of certain arrangements.
  • The question revolves around determining why R and Z cannot be the only assistants assigned to the Labor course.
  • Through logical deduction, it's established that assigning R and Z exclusively to Labor prevents a viable assignment of assistants to other courses, specifically the Markets course which must have two assistants.
  • The process involves understanding the constraints on assistant assignments, such as certain assistants needing to be paired in the same course and the total number of assistants that can be assigned to each course.
  • The conclusion is that the arrangement of R and Z in Labor course alone disrupts the necessary distribution of assistants across all courses, making it an impossible scenario.
Introduction to the Assignment Problem
Logical Deduction and Constraints
Identifying the Impossibility of the R and Z Assignment