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PrepTest 79, Game 3, Question 13


Which one of the following could be the complete assignment of assistants to Pricing? So this is our classic list question asking us what a possible arrangement is just for one of the courses, and that's gonna be Pricing. So let's look at our answer. So the correct answer is R, Y, and Z.

So if we put R, Y, and Z in Pricing, we've got S T and V left, they were taking care of R,Y, and Z. So we only have three variables left to those that we can put X and T will have to put S and T and M and then V can hangout in L all by itself. So this works it doesn't break any rules, we are all good. With these types of questions, it's always good to sort of go through the answer choices and make sure you haven't missed anything or mischaracterized any rules.

And these types of questions typically help you figure that out. So, let's look at the other answer choices. Answer choice B, S, T and Y going in pricing while S and T can certainly go together that solves that one problem. But remember we have a rule here that says whenever Y, or Z go in pricing then the must go in pricing.

So here we've left Z out and that's gonna give us an inaccurate answer. Answer choice C, Smith, Taj, Yi, and Zane are all going into pricing. All these is gonna create sort of 4-1-1 distribution here, so we're gonna have 4 and pricing and then one in each of these well, we know the fact it can't work it's not possible for us to have four of the variables assigned to one course because we always have to have two going into M so this won't work we're gonna end up short somewhere.

Answer choice D, we have T, Y and Z going into pricing, but S always goes along with T, so since S is missing here, this is incorrect. And then finally answer choice E, we have V, Y and Z and Y and V can never be assigned to the same course, so this is incorrect.

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