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PrepTest 79, Game 3, Question 16


If Vogel is assigned to the same course as Zane which one of the following cannot be true? So, when we have V and Z together what can happen? So, the correct answer is C, T is assigned to markets so if we assign T to markets, we must also assign S to markets. And now remember that our question is telling us that V and Z are assigned together.

And the answer choice tells us that T is assigned to markets, we now need to be cognizant of our Y and Z being in pricing situation. So V and Z are together, which means that Y cannot be a part of this situation since V cannot go with Y. So that means that we cannot put Z in pricing and it has to go in labor. That then forces Y into pricing and here's where we come upon our problem.

Y whenever it's in pricing, or whenever Z is n pricing, both of them need to be there. Here Y is in pricing and Z is hanging out with its new friend up in labor, so this can not be true.

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