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PrepTest 79, Game 3, Question 15

The content focuses on solving a specific type of GRE question that deals with logical arrangement and variable assignment, demonstrating the process of elimination and logical deduction to arrive at the correct answer.
  • The question lacks context, prompting an analysis of answer choices to deduce the correct arrangement.
  • The correct answer involves assigning R and V to Markets, based on the constraint that Markets can only receive two assistants.
  • S and T must be placed together, and if Y or Z is placed in Pricing, they must also be together, showcasing a scenario of variable placement based on given conditions.
  • The explanation provides a clear method for logically deducing the viable arrangement of variables, illustrating a critical problem-solving strategy for the GRE.
Introduction to Logical Arrangement Questions
Determining the Correct Answer
Logical Deduction and Variable Placement