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PrepTest 79, Game 3, Question 15


Which one of the following could be true? So we don't have much context here, so let's just go and look at our answer choices. So the correct answer is A, R and V are both assigned to Markets. So if we put R and V in Markets, we know that that's the only thing that can go there, since that can only receive two of the assistants.

Now we have R and V going in Markets, so then we have the other four variables to place. We know that S and T must go together. But one thing that we also know is that if Z goes into Pricing, or Y or Z go into Pricing, that they must be there together. So we can put them there together, that's fine, or we can put S and T there.

So either way, that represents a viable arrangement of these variables when R and V are assigned to Markets. So this could be true.

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