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PrepTest 79, Game 2, Question 12

The analysis focuses on solving a logical placement problem within a GRE exam context, demonstrating the process of elimination and logical deduction to arrive at the correct answer.
  • Identifying the placement of J in area 2 sets off a chain of deductions based on the placement rules of other variables.
  • O cannot be placed in area 2 alongside J, as this violates the condition that J and K must be together, leading to the conclusion that O must be placed in area 3.
  • Since O is placed in area 3, J and K cannot be paired together, necessitating K's placement in area 1.
  • The placement of L and P is flexible, with L able to go in area 1 or 3, and P in area 2 or 3, but K's placement in area 1 is crucial for the logical arrangement.
  • The correct answer is identified as K must be assigned to area 1, showcasing the importance of logical reasoning in solving GRE questions.
Introduction to the Logical Placement Problem
Analyzing the Impact of Placing O
Deducing the Correct Placement of K
Finalizing the Arrangement