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PrepTest 79, Game 2, Setup

The content provides a comprehensive guide on how to approach and solve a grouping game problem, specifically focusing on assigning six park rangers to three different areas within a national park, adhering to a set of predefined rules.
  • Introduction to the problem: assigning six park rangers, J, K, L, M, O, and P, to three areas in a national park with specific assignment rules.
  • Explanation of the game's nature as a grouping game, not a linear game, with the objective of determining the possible groupings of rangers to areas.
  • Detailed breakdown of the rules governing the assignment of rangers to areas, including specific restrictions and conditional assignments.
  • Strategies for diagramming the problem to visually organize the information and rules for easier analysis and solution finding.
  • Insight into the conditional nature of the assignments, especially concerning the rangers O, J, and K, and how their assignments impact the overall solution.
Introduction to the Grouping Game
Understanding the Game's Nature
Rules Breakdown
Diagramming Strategy
Conditional Assignments Analysis