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PrepTest 79, Game 2, Question 8

The content provides a detailed explanation on solving a specific GRE question type, focusing on logical deduction and the process of elimination within a set of constraints.
  • If exactly one ranger is assigned to area 1, L cannot be in area 1 as L must be paired with M or K.
  • With L, M, O, and P eliminated from area 1, only J or K can be assigned to area 1, indicating J and K cannot be in the same area.
  • Since J and K cannot be assigned together and O cannot be in area 1, O also cannot be in area 2, leading to the deduction that O must be in area 3.
  • The process of elimination and understanding the constraints are crucial in deducing the correct placement of rangers to areas.
  • The correct answer to the question is D, which states O is assigned to area 3.
Understanding the Constraints
Eliminating Options
Deducing the Correct Answer