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PrepTest 79, Game 2, Question 7

The content provides a detailed explanation on solving a GRE prep logic puzzle involving the assignment of rangers to different areas, emphasizing the importance of understanding variable distribution and rule application.
  • O is the sole ranger assigned to area 2, necessitating a strategic placement of the remaining variables JKLM and P across the other areas.
  • A spatial relationship challenge arises, requiring a distribution of these variables into areas 1 and 3, adhering to a two-three arrangement to satisfy the puzzle's rules.
  • The correct answer, C (M and P in area 3), is deduced through careful consideration of the puzzle's constraints and the interrelationships between variables.
  • Other answer choices are systematically evaluated and dismissed based on their failure to comply with the established rules, particularly the required variable distribution and pairing.
  • This problem-solving process highlights the critical thinking and analytical skills necessary for tackling GRE logic puzzles.
Introduction to the Puzzle
Analyzing Variable Distribution
Determining the Correct Answer
Evaluating Other Answer Choices