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PrepTest 79, Game 1, Question 5


If N is visited on Thursday, which one of the following must be true? So we can go ahead and just drop N in Thursday. Now let's think about what N sort of impacts when it occurs. So we know that we can't have NS or SN, so N cannot touch S on either side. So if N is in Thursday, we know that S will not be in Wednesday, and it will also not be in Friday.

So, take a look at Friday, though. So we have H, O, L, and S that cannot occur on Friday. So that's four variables, and then of course N, since we've already place it in Thursday, so that's five variables. So that is five of the six variables, since we know that everyday, needs to have a neighborhood, there's only one variable left that can go in that spot, and that is going to be P.

So, we can just go ahead and drop P in there, so whenever N is in Thursday, it knocks S out of Wednesday and Friday. By knocking S out of Friday, it's eliminating all five, is eliminating five variables from going in Friday, leaving only one left, and that's going to be P. So the correct answer is P is visited on Friday. You can see this is a must be true question.

It must be true that P goes into Friday. So D is going to be our correct answer choice.

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