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PrepTest 79, Game 1, Question 4


If Hidden Hills is visited on a Wednesday, which one of the following must be true? So here we're given information to drop directly into our master diagram. So if we drop H into Wednesday, one of the things that we need to be thoughtful of is L. So whenever L occurs, it must occur on Wednesday. Now we've just taken the only slot that L can go in off the table by placing H there.

So that means that we must take L off the table as well. So L will not occur in this scenario. Now we have six variables and five spaces, so we're always going to be using five of the six variables. We've just eliminated one of those variables, L, so that means that everything else is going to occur.

So in the line up here, so the houses or the neighborhoods that the bookmobile will visit, is going to be HSNO and P. Now because we know that we're gonna have all of these other variables, we can use our inferences to help us at least determine some information. So we know that we're going to have O and Tuesday. So because we know that O occurs and we know that whenever O occurs, it must occur in this sequence Sequence block, where O occurs directly before H, we can go ahead and confidently drop O and Tuesday.

So the correct answer is B, O is visited on Tuesday. We just saw that in the diagram here, so we can go ahead and confidently select that as our answer choice.

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