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PrepTest 79, Game 1, Question 2


Which one of the following neighborhoods cannot be visited on Thursday? So this is a global question that's asking you based on all the information that you have, what variable cannot occur in that Thursday slot? So we're looking for something that violates the rule by being placed in Thursday. So the correct answer here is C, Oldtown.

So we cannot place O in Thursday. Now we don't have a general rule here. So this is something that we can, assuming that we have the correct answer, go back and add to our diagram since we know that will never work. But here's why that won't work. Whenever we have O, we must have this blocked sequence with O and H.

If we put O in Thursday, that would force H into Friday. Now we have a rule, that first rule tells us that Hidden Hills is visited, but it's not visited on Friday. So this is how we get this not H here. So H cannot go in Friday. That means under no circumstances can O go in Thursday.

So this is the correct answer.

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