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PrepTest 79, Game 1, Question 1

The content provides a detailed explanation on how to approach and solve a classic list question on the GRE, focusing on arranging five neighborhoods visited by a bookmobile based on given rules and inferences.
  • The correct answer for the list question is B, N, O, H, S, and P, adhering to all the specified rules without any violations.
  • Key rules include O must immediately precede H, N, S, and H must all be present, and N and S cannot be adjacent in the sequence.
  • Common mistakes involve not correctly applying the rules about the placement of L, the sequence of N and S, and the positioning of O and H.
  • It's crucial to review all answer choices to ensure no rules are overlooked and all inferences are correctly applied.
Understanding List Questions
Identifying the Correct Answer
Analyzing Incorrect Answers