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PrepTest 79, Game 1, Question 1


The five neighborhoods visited by the bookmobile, listed in order from Monday through Friday could be, so this is your classic list question. Given the rules that you have and the inferences that you've made, what could be a valid arrangement? So that's what you're looking for here in your answer choice. The correct answer is B, N, O, H, S, and P.

So youre' not violating any rules here, we have O that's immediately in front of H, so whenever we have O it has to be in an Sequence block. That's a check. We don't have L, so we don't have to worry about whether or not it's in Wednesday. We have three variables that must occur, N, S, and H. N, S, and H are all present and accounted for here.

And then our final sort of rule over here. N and S cannot touch each other in any order. So we have N all the way over here. S all the way over here, we're good in that regard, and we're not breaking any of the sort of not laws that are written out here, so this is our correct answer. With the list question, it's always good to go through, check all the other answer choices to make sure that you haven't missed any rules or miswritten any inferences, so let's go through and look at those.

With answer choice A, we have L in Tuesday, and any time L occurs, L must occur on Wednesday, so this is incorrect. Answer choice C, we have N and S occurring in Thursday and Friday respectively, and that is not possible. So N and S cannot touch each other, cannot be consecutive in any capacity. So N before S or S before N, it's a no go.

Answer choice D, we have O and H that both occur. But whenever we have O, we need to have this Blocked sequence, and here you can see that L is separating these two friends here. So we have O but we don't have So we don't have a correct answer, so this is incorrect. And then finally, answer choice, E, we have H, which must occur, but the rule tells us that H must be visited, but it cannot be visited on Friday.

And here that's exactly what happens. We have H on Friday, making this the incorrect answer.

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