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PrepTest 79, Game 1, Question 3


If Hidden Hills is visited on Monday, which one of the following must be true? So here we have a question where we have information to plug into our master diagram. So if we plug H here into Monday, one of the things that we immediately know is that we're not going to have O. Whenever we have O, we must have an Block.

So if we put H in Monday, there's no place for O to go ahead of it. So O is out of the running. Now we have five spaces but six variables. So anytime we omit a variable, that means all the other variables must occur. So here we have HLNP and S that must be placed in the Monday through Friday slots. We've already placed H, and so we're just trying to figure out what must be true of the other variables.

So the correct answer is A, L is visited on Wednesday. Because we must have HLNP and S, we must have L, and anytime we have L, it must be visited on Wednesday. So the other variables can sort of make their way around to those other days of the week, but in any given circumstances here, L is always going to be on Wednesday.

So A is the correct answer.

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