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PrepTest 78, Passage 2, Question 13

The content delves into the rationale behind the author's mention of Raphael's frescoes in the Vatican apartments, highlighting it as an illustrative example to support Taruskin's argument on elitism in art.
  • Raphael's frescoes are presented as an embodiment of the ideas and values of the elites, specifically commissioned by Pope Julius II.
  • The mention of these frescoes serves to exemplify one of the two historical ways art was produced for the political and social elite.
  • Taruskin's argument, framed within the sociohistorical critique, posits that art expresses the ideologies of the ruling elite.
  • The inclusion of Raphael's frescoes aims to provide a concrete example that supports the sociohistorical critics' preference for analyzing art that reflects elite ideologies.
Understanding Elitism in Art
Historical Production of Art for the Elite
Sociohistorical Critics' Analysis