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PrepTest 78, Passage 2, Question 7

The content critically examines sociohistorical interpretations of art, specifically challenging the notion that enduring art merely reflects the values and ideas of the elite classes.
  • The passage begins with an overview of how political and social elites have influenced art production, introducing Taruskin's perspective that art is a tool for the elite to impose their ideas.
  • The author spends the majority of the passage arguing against Taruskin's viewpoint, suggesting that enduring art does not simply mirror the elite's values.
  • The conclusion drawn is that sociohistorical critics like Taruskin offer an overly simplistic view of art's reflection of elite values, ignoring the complexities and potential subversions present in enduring artworks.
  • The correct answer to the main point question highlights the passage's argument that enduring art challenges, rather than reflects, the simplistic interpretations of sociohistorical critics.
Introduction to Sociohistorical Interpretations
Critique of Taruskin's Perspective
Conclusion on Enduring Art's Values