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PrepTest 78, Passage 2, Question 11

The content delves into understanding an inference question related to Taruskin's views on art and society, highlighting how to discern the correct answer based on the passage's information.
  • Taruskin believed art was a means for society's dominant classes to impose their views.
  • The correct answer, C, suggests that enduring high art, even if seemingly undermining the elite's ideology, ultimately supports it.
  • Taruskin's position is based on the assumptions of elite consensus on values and artists not subverting those values.
  • Incorrect answer choices often mistakenly focus on the talent of artists, which is not discussed in the passage.
  • Identifying the correct answer requires tying specific information from the passage to the question, avoiding common misconceptions.
Understanding Inference Questions
Analyzing Taruskin's Views on Art
Identifying the Correct Answer
Avoiding Common Misconceptions