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PrepTest 78, Passage 2, Question 9

The analysis focuses on understanding Matthew Arnold's attitude towards the aristocratic and middle classes through an inference of tone question, highlighting his critical perspective.
  • Matthew Arnold, a cultural critic, labels the aristocracy as 'Barbarians' and the middle class as 'Philistines', indicating a scornful view towards both.
  • Arnold's critique extends to their hobbies and social behaviors, showing little regard for any positive traits they might possess.
  • The correct answer to reflect Arnold's attitude is 'scorn', as it accurately captures his disdain for both the aristocracy and the middle class.
  • Other answer choices like 'indifference' and 'disappointment' fail to adequately represent Arnold's critical viewpoint, as they either understate or mischaracterize his perspective.
Understanding Inference of Tone Questions
Analyzing Matthew Arnold's Viewpoint
Identifying the Correct Answer
Evaluating Other Answer Choices