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PrepTest 78, Passage 2, Question 8

The analysis of a specific reference question from a GRE prep passage reveals the author's intent to illustrate how elites commission art for external validation rather than personal satisfaction.
  • The passage discusses how elites engage with the art world, specifically through commissioning art for display to elevate their status.
  • The example of a house designed by a famous architect, impractical for living, serves to underscore the pursuit of prestige over personal utility.
  • The correct interpretation of 'something to display' is an action aimed at creating a positive impression on others, not for the patron's enjoyment.
  • Answer choice C, which suggests art was commissioned to reflect positively on the patron's status, is identified as the correct answer.
  • A common incorrect answer choice, E, is debunked with the rationale that personal satisfaction is secondary to the social prestige gained from the art.
Understanding Specific Reference Questions
Analyzing Art Commissioning by the Elites
Deciphering the Correct Answer
Eliminating Common Incorrect Answers